May 29, 2007

eczema on my scalp

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The skin on my scalp is full of eczema!!

When I work out, the sweat pours and it starts to get so itchy. I can’t wear black because people think its dandruff. Huge flakes of skin drops from my head. How can that be dandruff.

Now when I am shooting I make sure that my hair line is covered. Its because you can see flakes of skin trying to come off from the scalp. I’ve also had a hair cut that will limit the amount of hair line that can be seen.

Sometimes the itch gets so bad I will scratch my head and it looks as though I have lice. So people who don’t know me move away from me.

Now parts of my scalp is weeping from the scratching. I can see this because it at my hair line and when I run my fingers though my hair some parts of it is wet from the weeping.

I have changed my shampoo but nothing seemed to work and dandruff shamppo does not work either. Probably its because its not dandruff. DUH!

I found a shampoo called stieprox. It does not leave my scalp dry like some shampoos and dandruff shampoo.

Now I’m treating my scalp with a steriod lotion my dermatologist gave me.

But what I really wanted to say is that my lymph nodes on my neck are swollen from the eczema that I have on my scalp. So I feel like I’m having the flu without the flu. I mean there’s no sniffing or coughing just the sluggish, can’t do anything, joints feel uncomfortable, hot cold hot cold, flu like feeling. There are also times when I can get a fever as well. If I don’t take care of my scalp it will somehow turn into flu and fever. Or any part of my skin for that matter.

I’ve kept on working when I’m like this. Work does not stop when you’re ill. Come the weekend or a break I just bum out and stay in bed and sleep the weekend away. Once the skin is better I feel better.

Is there anyone out there that has a suggestion for eczema on the scalp. I would really appreciate some suggestion I can use.





  1. themrs07 said,

    My brother in law has the same problem, except he doesn’t have eczema he suffers from psoriasis. Anyway, have you tried this yet?

    It’s Neutrogena T/Gel Extra Strength. If the url above doesn’t work, google t-gel.

    Hope it gets better for you soon.

    • Rhi said,

      Be careful, T-Gel contains tar which can be a carcinogenic. I tried it and although it stopped the itching it stank and made my hair less than lovely. Then I tried Alchemy (very dry hair), which is organic. It’s lovely! Has worked for years, but now I’m getting it again 😦

  2. azah said,

    Thanks Themrs07

    I clicked on your link and googled it. Sound like people are happy with the results. But some are not. I’ll give it a try anyway.



  3. Evelyn Lim said,

    I am also an eczema sufferer and have been writing about my condition. However, it sure is nice to read about another person’s experience with eczema such as yours.

    Regarding the eczema on the scalp, you need to have an understanding about acid mantle. Your epidermis is protected by an external layer of tightly knit cells. When you use an alkaline shampoo, you can disrupt the acid mantle of the cells. The ph of your scalp is raised and it interferes with the protective barrier. This allows for bacteria and fungus to enter and flourish. Your skin cells are also wrenched from each other, causing your scalp to become dehyrated, dry and irritated.

    If the shampoo that you are using is working, great. If your scalp continues to itch, apply a little apple cider vinegar onto your scalp. If it is too strong, dilute it first.

    Avoid all shampoos and skin care products with harmful chemicals in them.

    Hope the above helps,

    • Jen said,

      How can I get that apple cider vinger @?

  4. azah said,


    Love the explaination Evelyn. Much appreciated. I’ll try the apple cider vineger first before the T-gel shampoo and see how that goes.

    Thanks again

    Hoping it will help too


  5. mohsin said,


    As a life-long eczemic you have my unyielding compassion. Regarding your scalp, give tea tree shampoo a shot(Paul Mitchell; available only through hair salons and ergo a bit pricey, but well worth the extra $)and also reduce the amount of hair-washing to 2-3 times a week, as anything more will strip your scalp of oil. Been working with Dr. Ted Grossbart’s book Skin Deep of late, also comes highly recommended.

  6. azah said,

    thanks Mohsin I will give it try. And I have his book already. Will get round to reading it after I’ve read the other books on eczema that I bought recently.


  7. Michael said,

    I’ve suffered from the same thing for 10 years. Nothing seemed to work and after 7 doctors prescribing treatments for the symptoms I decided to go on a quest. I stopped using all shampoos, conditioners, soap, hair gel / oils, toothpaste etc…and foods unless they were all natural. At first I hated this because I love to eat and some of the things on the market seemed to control the itching. But….it worked…everything went away. I used to have huge patches of eczema on my back, chest and face and espcially on m scalp. I now only use hypo-allergenic products. Especially hair gels. Seems most of the problems come from what we put in our hair and then the skin falls off onto the rest of our body. Doing a full scrub down in the shower DAILY helps as well. I use a scrub brush and a loofa every day. But throw out all of them after about 90 days due to the bateria build up.

    NO NATURAL OILS PEOPLE. These can cause a break out as well. I also use EUCERIN CALMING CREME. It calms down my skin.

    It’s not all gone…but 99% of it is and the itching is kept to a minimum. Hope this helps.

  8. jordan said,

    hi i have been reading what you have all wrote and i am 15 and i have the same proplam i have tryd all most everything and the dr has gave me lots of creams and jells and all sorts but it still has not gone it seems to get better but then all of a suden it gets really bad and now i have started geting bald patches because of it

    does any one have any idias it would be a great help??


  9. karrie said,

    your symptoms sound like they could be thyroid problems. have them draw blood and check your TSH and T3 and T4 levels

  10. Sam said,

    My mother suffered from eczema and psoriasis for years. She went to dermatologist to get steroid shot monthly, but that only alleviate the problem for short period. Finally, she took suggestion from a friend and stop eating seafood (not including fresh water fish) and all other meat. Her psoriasis is gone. No medication. Once in awhile when she snug a piece of meet the itch will come back within a day or two. Abstaining from meat seems to help her condition.

  11. Christopher said,

    I too am severely affected by eczema systemically. I have an allergist who referred me to a dermatologist and she prescribed me narrowband ultraviolet B phototherapy for 2/3 times a week, I did it for 4 months and my skin was fantastic, no lesions or any breakouts. Now, its a hot and dry summer here in Southern California, and I am getting affected with eczema because of the hot and dry aridness here. Now, I am planning on going up to Canada to purchase a home-use phototherapy machine (approved by Health Canada and the US’ Food and Drug Administration) with my physician’s prescription. I hope this helps, keep up the good fight and SAY NO to systemic steroids because the eczema will ALWAYS come back a lot worse when your self secreting cortisol is low.

  12. itstinafasho said,

    Hi, I have eczema severly on my scalp. Used to be all over my body, but I got medication that worked and now I just use the creme for spot treatments (when like my arm gets itchy or something). I don’t know if someone already mentioned this, but I was prescribed Clobetasol Propionate Topical Solution in the form of the creme (for my body) and the solution (for my head). It worked for me, so thought I’d throw it out there.

  13. hmm said,

    I’ve had eczema for quite a while, basically since i was born. Recently, maybe like a month ago, I started growing eczema on my head… Or I think its eczema.. It itches like crazy, and sometimes I scratch it so hard it starts bleeding. I don’t know what to do. I started putting some of the eczema medicine that i put on my arms, neck, etc… on my head, it stops itching for a little while, then it starts burning all over again. I honestly have NO idea what to do.

  14. Jessica said,

    I’ve had eczema on my scalp and I highly recommend the Curel eczema lotion. I used it the first time and now the eczema is unnoticeable and my scalp is not itchy at all! The eczema has almost disappeared on the first try of the lotion.

  15. AJ said,

    I have had eczema also and suffer the same problem. I first had it on my thy, but I used a special cream my doctor prescribed for me. Then I got it on the back of my head, and then it finally reached my entire head. It does look like dandruff, but its not. Right out of the shower, after blow drying my hair, you can see the skin flakes. I was recommended to use the hot oil treatment, I will tell you how it goes.

  16. chaz said,

    i understand what your going through….i have the same problems and more….lemme tell you people this stuff aint no walk in the park..

  17. Scotty said,

    Hello. I too am struggling with this but only in the winter. I have 9 months of nothing then as soon as summer ends it comes back…it’s so painful some times and it really knocks your confidence.
    Roll on summer!

  18. HanaPipers said,


  19. Sandy said,

    My dermatologist immediately suggested cutting out eggs, yellow cheese, seafood, red wine, as these are know triggers. Also, tepid (yuck) showers and baths— but do it! the heat makes it only worse; I use only Dove soap; don’t towel dry briskly; apply moisturizer (I use Vaseline Creamy or non-scented Aveeno) when your skin is wet. Its a lifelong regime

  20. Sandy said,

    Yes summer! Its the Vit. D from the sun, and possibly the UV rays. I even had to go into the PUVA booth for my atopy (upper back, front of legs, back of upper arms were the worst)

  21. Mattie said,

    Have suffered with atopic dermatitis (eczema) on my scalp for 18 yrs, and am now loosing my hair. Have tried many lotions and injectiions from the dermatology, and many things from over the counter. Nothing is working. It’s a tormenting type of itch on my scalp. Also, have itchy spots on my leg, neck and back, but no rashes. HELP!!

  22. Andrea said,

    6th August 2012

    I’ve had eczema for about four years now on my skin and I find that the only thing that works for me is Dove pink, beauty cream bar, moisturizing cream and St.Ives oatmeal and shea butter body lotion. My scalp has also been affect and I’ve tried a tea-tree oil shampoo which has been no help at all and I am tempted to use the dove soap as my shampoo, unless dove has a shampoo to the pink soap. The itching is unbearable and annoying and I can feel my scalp hurting from the constant scratching. It’s okay for people to say stop scratching they don’t know what its like.

  23. G said,

    Hi I have found that the information on this website have started to help me in my healing process. I have suffered eczema for a number of years since childhood and more recently had a horrible outbreak where it got infected and spread all over.

    At the moment I am getting horribly itchy scalp and it starts to weep.

    Check out this website, hopefully you will get some info from it like I have!

  24. dickle pickle said,

    i have the same problem, im 14 and i have reallly bad eczema on my head. it got better at once point, but now its really bad. it feels like i have to scratch it and after it do it hurts but feels good at the same time. i have 2 different types of cream im using everynow and then. they work, but i find it makes my hair go greasy eaisly so i end up washing my hair every day.. which, isnt good at alll… i hope i can rid of this soon! UGH.

  25. Jen said,

    I work all day at a fast food and sometimes my head itches so bad!!! When I go home and touch my hair it’s all wet I don’t know what to do about it should I just stop using shampoo or is there a shampoo I can use out there that doesn’t build up eczema in my head??

  26. mel said,

    I feel like that as well except no scalp is bright white and no matter how much i wash it stays the same.i tried t.gel that just made it worse i know of no cure just plenty of washing,its a very nasty condition.

  27. Just tried the Apple Cider Vinegar – and the itching actually stopped – at least for some few minutes now…. what a relief…but smells quite horrible…

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