May 30, 2007

Unidentified fingerprints

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The skin on my fingers, you know, the part where the fingerprints are taken from. Its dried out and full of eczema, that now there is no fingerprints! Basically if I were to die (not anytime soon I hope) they would only be able to identify me by my teeth.

I’ve had this before. All my fingers did not have the peaks and trough that can be identified as fingerprints. At that time I was so frightened anything would happen to me because I just could not be identified and no dentist has a record of what my teeth looked like.

I was genuinely worried. I guess you can say that I was paranoid. But to me its a very practically though. So much so that I drove extra careful, I don’t go anywhere I didn’t need to and I did not hang out unnecessarily or stay out to late at night. I even made sure that the threads on my friends car tyres were not worn out! Right until my finger prints came back and my skin was ok.

It usually turns up if I do to much washing up without my gloves. Or if I used the cleaning detergent to clean my bathroom or kitchen without my gloves. I should use my gloves I know. But you see if I use my gloves, I feel the plates, cutlery and other stuff that needs washing doesn’t get clean properly. I know this because when I want to put them away I feel that there is still grease on them that I end up doing double duty! HUFF So there it is. If I don’t wash the plates it doesn’t get done. If I wash them with my gloves, it doesn’t get clean. Then I have to clean them again. It very stressfull to have to do things twice. Its such a waste of time.

I resorted to piling the plates up, but rinse them with water first. Then I wash the plates one shot. I found this might be a good idea but its not a good thing to do. The smell that comes from the kitchen tells your visitors something and it attracts unwanted creatures! So now I’m back to square one. Short of buying myself a dish washer, anyone have any ideas on how I can get around this?

Keeping clean



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  1. Adeline said,

    Heys read your 2007 article as I was googling about psoriasis – my own skin woe. Have you ever tried Reliv? Helps for many things, might help you too.

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